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A Hunger Games Hair Report

  • A Hunger Games Hair Report

  • The upcoming book-to-movie saga The Hunger Games (out March 23) is predicted to reach Twilight-mania proportions for two reasons; Its attractive, young cast (Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hensworth) and its fantasy fight scenes and stunning visuals. Given the book’s precise descriptions and outrageous hair colors, creating each character's aesthetic was a huge undertaking. Helping to bring the vision to life was Joico colorist Cherry Petenbrink, who co-created hair color/wig designs for the cast, as well as 500 extras. Based at West Hollywood’s Salon Republic, Petenbrink gave us a glimpse at what it was like to bring these fantastical characters to life.

  • How specific was the hair direction on set?


    The director [Gary Ross] was very specific on the lead color makeovers. Josh Hutcherson’s hair is naturally very dark and we had to dye it an exact shade of sandy ash blonde. Jennifer Lawrence is a natural ash blonde with highlights but played a brunette. Thousands of dollars were spent just renting wigs.

  • How did the books help you develop the hair concepts?

  • CP:

    Reading the books several months before the project started was a huge asset. I had a pretty clear vision of each character in my mind. The end result was dead on to my original ideas of how the characters would look when brought to life.

  • Which character was your favorite to work on?

  • CP:

    I have to say coloring Effie’s [Elizabeth Banks] wigs and hearing the words “it’s perfect,” was awesome. Creating pastel shades of pink, lavender and chartreuse [and] combining human hair and synthetic hair that had to match perfectly was an amazing challenge.

  • How did you make the color so bright and vibrant?

  • CP:

    Joico’s Vero K-PAK ColorIntensity semi-permanent colors were the only product that could create the amazing jewel tone colors that had to be created. It had to last several weeks of filming without refreshing and touch-ups.

  • Do you think the look will become a trend?

  • CP:

    I predict that we will see a lot of different period influence popping up in fashion, hair and makeup trends—splashes of bright colors in hair, finger waves and up-styles.

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